”Welcome To Wonderland”

It starts with a song, ”Wonderland”. It comes to life when Pelle Andersson, main composer and guitarist, is just 17 years old in 1980. The lyrics discusses life and how to find the balance between all aspects of life, especially the one between heart and mind. Joakim Jansson on drums and Bo Karlsson on keyboards are already in the group.

Quick jump to 1997! The three partners in crime has been busy touring the south of Sweden as a coverband. Aboard at this time is also Klas Ling on vocals and Joakim Lundberg on bass guitar. The music that comes to life in Pelles head has nothing to do with covers and it certainly has nothing to do with thinking in commercial terms, hit songs etc.

Instead Pelle wants to write an album that he himself would like to hear. Another idea is to not bother about genres. Instead he lets the music develop freely and without other limitations than his own, as a composer, musician, lyricist and guitarist.

The first five songs on what would become ”Seven Wonders And Four Little Miracles” are written and he makes a simple demo and plays it to the band.

A time jump once again and now it´s 2 005. Six more songs has been written and the band takes a decision to record the first seven songs as a demo. They all have jobs, family and the recording continues for a few years.

In 2 009 the demo is finished and they send it out to record companies, managements and journalists in Sweden and around Europe. They get a really good response. Three record labels want to release it although they think it´s a bit short, 37 minutes. In the end the band release ”Seven Wonders” themselves although they know it´s a demo, not a complete album. Four songs are missing on the demo. The band were meant to record them after getting a contract but a swedish artrock society (GARF) promised them the opening slot on their annual festival in Gothenburg on Swedens west coast if Wonderland had a record ready, so they went for it.

Although the cd was fairly successful the boys in the band were not entirely happy. The sound was not up to par and, most importantly, four songs were missing - 37 more minutes of music.

So, in 2010 they start the recording process again, from scratch. The seven first songs are re-recorded from start to finish and the four remaining songs are also properly recorded. Once again the band themselves record everything in their homes.

In 2014 Patrik Adiels takes over bass duties in the band and adds a new lease of life to both the band, the music and the recordings.

In december 2015 they leave all the material to Stefan Karlsson, engineer with lots of recordings and mixes to his name. He mixes the entire album at Myhrene Studios and really lifts the sound. When Wonderland think it can´t get any better, Dragan Tanaskovic, famous swedish mastering engineer and owner of Bohus Sound Recording, lifts the material even more!

Now it´s 2017 and now ”Seven Wonders And Four Little Miracles” will finally be released. It will be available at this website and on Wonderland gigs only. It is released on CD only. Visit our shop, order your CD and soon you will find yourself in Wonderland!